1. Don't Stop Now

From the recording The Eleventh Quarry EP


Was just a day and I found a fear
ate me like it hadn’t in years
toss a quarter on the chipped veneer
feel the shoulder, get ahold and then veer

off the course, well of course I’m here
Got me holding on to roads in a mirror
And I’m older, but I’m holding dear
to a whisper burning in my…(ear?)

don’t stop now, don’t turn it down
If you’ve been upside down I’ll turn you around
don’t listen too hard now, you’ll find it found
you had a long road but I’ve got you now…

so will you count on me?
I promise I’ll be there for all that you see
Cause I’m the yellow brick road in your dream
and there’s no way I’ll let you drown in my sea

Oh go your crazy, you know I believe
And I’ll set you free from when you’re grinding your teeth
And if you’re here then this can finally be
What I’ve been waiting for, for you, so…

Don’t stop now
Just turn me around
I had it all figured out
Until it all came down

Oh baby don’t stop now
Don’t turn me down
I thought it all felt sound
Until you turned me around oh baby

Don’t stop now, don’t turn me around
I gotta force this square
To be something round
I got it don’t stop now
I don’t know how
I don’t know why you won’t just let me drown

so was it all just me
or do you kinda see what I mean
Let it go, forget it, let it be
I’d rather fester like it’s better than me

And I’ve been over-steeping every tea
In murky water from an outdated scene
But why’d I have to take so long to see
That I’m not half-and-half is what they need

Don’t stop now
don’t turn this around
you had it all sussed out
till it all broke down

you’re sayin’ don’t start now
you’re too late, how
you gonna find your way
you’ll just break down

oh baby, don’t start now
you’ll turn this around
I see you’re all still here
and you don’t know how

oh baby don’t stop now
you’re halfway down
I got it all planned out
Oh just be here now