1. Wish It Was OK

From the recording The Eleventh Quarry EP


Wish it was OK for me to love you
Wish it hadn’t ended that way
wish I could still hold your breath in my lungs
when you couldn’t catch it on your way

Wish that I could swallow all my sorrow
Fall into a picture on my phone
When we weren’t owing when we borrowed
And we didn’t know what we hadn’t known

[instrumental - verse riff with strings and echoey guitar]

Wish I could just touch your lips baby
When you say that everything’s alright
wish you could trust me when I say
That one day it won’t keep us up at night

Wish I hadn’t broken all the branches
When we were wasted by the lake
Thought i could be bold enough to war through
all the scars of my mistakes

And when you’d....
Come to…
I knew...
This could never be...

And you….
Saw through…
Because you knew...
This could never be…never be

wish that it was you who came to get me
wish it didn’t have to end this way
cause after all, the rubble from the bridges
could be stepping stones that we could weigh

wish that I could hold you one last forever
let you feel that I would still let life
take me from the forum of your organ
singing me my only lullaby

I wouldn’t assume that the outcome
could be outdone, but
Ooh…It’s the outline, an amalgam

And when you...
Came true…
I knew...
This could never be...

Cause you….
Saw through…
Too good to be true
And i wasn’t ready

Baby wish you’d just come and get me
tell me everything’ll be alright
got a couple memories of the old days
keeping me locked inside this mind