From the recording Albero della Vita

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Oh baby I’ve been waiting so long for you
I’ve been between the trees and underneath the golden blue
And lover look at me and tell me I can waste my time
Trying to catch that soul behind those deep blue eyes

Rhythm and the way she moved burned candles through the night
Me I’m still alone in here, and lost in the Northern Lights
And lover look at me and tell me I can try my hand
Darling build a castle from the snow to the ocean sand

And after all I’ve known, and after every road
There’s a tune that’s trying to point my way back
And after all, I know, it’s not all mine to know
But I wonder if somewhere it’s written in stone

So, baby come to me, I’ll miss you ‘till you do
When I’m seeing double it’s still not enough of you
And underneath that canopy I know you could be mine
Baby just give me a little time