1. The Raven Lark

From the recording Albero della Vita

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I saw it sleeping, in the tree it called home
‘Till yesterday
And were you dreamin’
That that could be us, too
Or did you just want to fly

And if it’s too early, I’ll get the worms
And if it’s late, tomorrow will be soon
And if you’re sleeping, I’ll start weaving
‘Till the sky turns blue

And Gloria, there’s glory in your French braids
Hold on, ‘till you love me in the same way
We packed it up, like a picnic in the worst rain
But it’ll keep another day or two
I haven’t slept since I met you in the eight grade
I would have left, if you hadn’t told me eight ways

The raven’s no lark
But he knows a thing or two
And his riches are the park
But he’s got enough for you

Well we saw them dance in the branches
Singing something, wish that I could understand them
But something turned to nothing when they landed
In the corner where you went to get the broom