1. Too Late

From the recording Albero della Vita

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A line of smoke escapes your ashtray
I thought you had quit for years
It’s just a band-aid for your heartache
A little draw to quell your fear

And the air’s turned cold again
And life is barren as the trees
You said it’s wicked, but the witch is dead
And what was magic’s tragedy

They say love can be a remedy, but it can also leave you ill
And I don’t want to take your sanity, I just want to hold you still

Have I been ripped from your memory
Like pages from a book
You know my heart feels like an anvil
When I catch the frost in your look

And is it too late now, honey
Is it too late to catch some sun
Have we wasted all our time
On battles neither lost nor won

And I don’t want to be your enemy, I don’t want to cause you ill
I just want to know that you’re real and I want to be holding you, still

Is it too late now, now honey
Is it too late for you and me
You know my eyes are finally open
And you’re all that I can see