1. Dear Friend

From the recording Albero della Vita

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Dear Friend
I thought of you the other day, straight out of bed
Let the water wash my skin, but you were there
In between my breaths and
Written in the mirror’s morning fog

And Dear Friend
I haven’t quite kept up, but I remember when
You’d hold my hand and we’d pretend that we’d grown old together
Woven roads in every weather
Never really scared about the end

And there’s no place like home
But home was in your heart and filling the sleeves of your soul
And I know that was then, and you’re long gone

And dear friend
I know the last time we spoke, we weren’t dear friends
But I can’t help but think this all was meant to pass
And I’m just glad we lasted
Through the coldest winter for us both

And dear friend
I know in spite of all the spite and bitter ends
Let’s not pretend that there was nothing ever there
Oh love’s not just a dividend, and we’re
Not meant to just regret until we’re dead

Oh and I’ve been trying to find a way back

‘Cause home was in your heart, and that’s all I’ve ever known
And I know that was then, and we’re long gone
And there’s no place I can go
To feel like it did when we were just young and alone
And I know that was then, and it all rambled on

So dear friend
I know we lost, but we had love, and we were just
Kids, our mornings weren’t just
Sands of hourglass, spilling to the past, and
Sitting in the silence, deaf and dumb