My Story

Hey! My name is Shivan, and I’m from Davis, California.  I hope, like most, that my music speaks for itself – but to be sure, my heart lies in songwriting and the complete product that it can hold..though you will hear a whole spectrum of influences in the mish mash you can find on the music page.
My musical journey starts like most choose-your-own adventures of its type: I was a teenager and I found solace in my CDs, so I picked up a guitar and a pen.   And the rest really is history.  I never stopped writing since that time, and I have played in many bands and collaborated with many other artists.  I learned the art of recording and processing audio through my work at a recording studio at UC Berkeley during my college years, and have since set up my own recording rig in my bedroom.  Most of what you hear is the result of long nights in my room, learning as I go, and re-tracking instruments and vocals until I’ve irked everyone within earshot.
Though I’ve been at it for about a decade now, I’ve only recently put in motion a lot of things I have thought through for a long, long time - it's been a struggle to get this off the ground as I've been a full-time researcher in neuroscience for about 6 years but here we are..
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Peace and love, and hope you enjoy


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