My Story


I'm a singer/songwriter, performer, and recording artist from California - born and raised in Davis, musically/personality-cultivated in Berkeley, and currently in Los Angeles. Like many artists, I started playing guitar and writing in my teenage years and have not stopped since then, though the years have brought a plethora of genres and artists to influence my own creations.  

My music is probably best described as indie or alternative, though it draws on soulful singing and its quasi-revival through more recent artists, as well as classic-rock driven guitar work, and piano sounds inspired by Elton John, Billy Joel, and Andrew McMahon. I currently draw on many influences including Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, Lewis Capaldi, Thomas Rhett, The Strokes, Led Zeppelin, and John Mayer.  

Currently, I mostly perform with a single acoustic/electric guitar and a loop pedal, which I use to transform a beat tapped on the wood of a guitar, a few chords, and a guitar riff into a full-bodied song. Ed taught me how to make that into a fantastic live show! 

I perform  all year round in SoCal at bars, venues, restaurants, wineries, weddings, corporate and charity events, and busking, and I'm always recording, mixing, and collaborating with friends and musicians in LA and around the world over the internet. 

I try to stay close to my heart with all I do, especially with songwriting - I want to make poetry that speaks in a code (so it's interesting) but that is decipherable to anyone, applicable to many variations on a common human theme, and with a sincere attempt to bear my soul without embarrassment.  I love to innovate and experiment with new sounds, musical architectures, and themes, but I'm dedicated to making music that is listenable, catchy, and effortlessly approachable.  

I guess I should say that I'm also a full-time researcher in neurobiology at UCLA, and have learned an immense amount about discipline, hard work, persistence, dedication, and passion through my studies (not to mention a fair amount about the brain).  

Check out my new album of acoustic guitar-driven songs, entirely written, played, recorded, and mixed by yours-truly in my home studio!

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Peace and love, and hope you enjoy


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